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Thanks for finding us!  Regardless if it's from a referral, a websearch or you thought this was the women's telivision network you've come to the right place for your wedding photography.  You are going to love your wedding photography!  Yes we gurantee it.  If for any reason you don't love your wedding photography we'll find you someone else to marry and take your photos all over again.  But, uhmm, you may be better off finding a spouse on your own.  So let's do the job right the first time.

Speaking about doing the job right the first time, can we talk?   We're trying really hard to make this as easy on you as possible.  We've got great packages, great prices, great photography and great service.    We make things about as straight forward and simple as they can be.  And we make the entire process as easy on you as possible.  Knowing all of this do you really want to risk your wedding photography with someone who is still working their way up the learning curve?   Of course not!  Instead of looking for the best "deal" find something that will fit your needs. Sometimes it's  better to spend more than you want to than less than you should have. 

Your wedding photography can be all that you dream it to be. The story you get on this website is the same story you'll hear in person from us.  If we work together this story doesn't change.  From start to finish you'll know exactly what to expect.   That is a rarity in this industry.  No shock, no suprises, and no changing story as the process rolls along.  You can feel great about your wedding photography and knowing you've got right team for your wedding.  When you cross off wedding photography from your list you'll know you're in great hands!


Places to visit on this website.

  • Gallery  Examples of our work and our album layouts
  • Price List  Clearly states all packages and prices,
  • Contact   We're easy to talk with, please feel free to write or call with any questions you may have, we're easy to get a hold of. 
  • About- Quick little explanation of Lifetime Images
  • History-We've been around since 1997, this tells the whole story, and more!
  • FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions, good stuff!
  • Philosophy-Lets see, we have both history and philosophy on this website, who needs college?
  • Differentiation- Spells out what makes us different than other studios
  • Raves- Most of our new business comes from referrals, see what our previous clients thought of us
  • Blog- Mostly wedding war stories, interesting stuff!
  • News- All the latest news about the happenings of Lifetime Images.


Thanks for finding us!

Thank your your interest in Lifetime Images wedding photography.  We've been in business for nearly 15 years and have built an excellent reputation for providing outstanding wedding photography at an incredible value.  We have a lot of very happy brides who gladly refer us to their friends and family.  To this day, referrals still account for around half of our business. 

In 2011 we came out with this incredible package that everybody just loved!  It was our greatest selling package of the year.  This year we've based six out of our eight packages around it.   Before we had only one package with parent albums for under $2000, today we have three.  We've also greatly simplified our price lists.  Straightforward and simple, and since we're proud of the value we offer we gladly publish our prices.

Last year we called 2011 our "Best Year Ever!"  We had some outstanding clients and did some of the best work we've ever done.  People were starting to get to get really excited about the products and services we offered.  As a follow up to 2011's "Best year ever!" 2012 is "Even Better."   Some great things happened in 2011 to set up 2012.  Our R.E.A.L (RAW Embedded Album Layouts) hit full stride.  It's taken about three years to set it up right, but all of 2011 we kept up with the workflow of album designs, even in the busiest seasons.  Most of our bridal couples saw their first wedding album  layout within two weeks of their wedding!  We also streamlined the entire process for changes and approvals, it's now just simple and fabulous!  Then the company that makes the Aritsan AI® albums for us dropped an extra million dollars into their printing processes and the results are stunning!   In conjunction with our upgraded hardware and improved color management the albums we are producing are far superior to anything we've done before.  

2012, best clients ever!

In the past we've had a lot of great clients, but there are always a few that stand out as special, and we really look forward to their wedding day.  Over the last few years this seems to be happening more and more, and in 2012 it seems to be nearly all of our clients are really fabulous.  We have some stellar bridal couples holding some beautiful weddings at some stellar venues.  We are so excited about the weddings in 2012!

Join us!

To summarize, the pieces are falling together and the word is getting out.  To get to this happy place took about five years with a ton of investment and ingenuity over the past three years.  We're so excited to meet you and discuss with you what we can do for you. Thank you for your consideration and please enjoy looking around the website!